No Scanner!


Well I’m sorry for the scanner thing… I just haven’t found one available for me. I’m sorry for myself and for the happy reader I hope to get. It’s true that I could pay for the service, but that would require spending money which I think it’s completely innecessary and besides there are several of them (drawings) and would love to just do it myself and have the time I need to properly get it done, without the guy thinking it’s perfect and rushing me into paying.
But even though I have already started classes again, I have been doing sketches, and rather a bit more elaborate, painting them and trying to render them as cool as I can -I actually can’t wait to post them and have people comment on them and help me to get better. Nothing better than direct and anonymous critics, right? -and inspiring myself a lot from the latest shows for S/S 2011 in…. a lot! 😀 Which comes as both good and bad. But not bad as such, just bad that it can get too much into what I’m drawing or painting. But at the end it’s good, because it all adds up to the whole thing of knowing of fashion and grasping it better… just reaching a bit more into a designer’s world. Thoughts that are spoken to you in a series of clothings that will be telling a story you should grasp in whatever way you can. So when drawing a part of it, it all adds up in your subconscious and that’s a way of educating oneself. It really comes to being education, just that. And what better to learn, tell me, than by illustrating off the runway?
In these meditations, I will wrap up by telling you that after catching up with some of the collections I haven’t yet enjoyed, I will go off to bed but not before reading a few more pages of my spanish version of Crime and Punishment 😛
I’ll try to post these little illustrations in a short while 🙂