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Far from ever being a fashion designer or using this blog as a means to become one, I have loved and relished the fashion art for a while and cannot help it myself but to “design” or as it is much more correctly spoken of, illustrate clothes that come into my mind directly or indirectly. In this sense, fashion illustration it is a way of quenching my lust for the expression of mòde, but conversely, I am not allowed to attribute it as fashion material properly said, since these sketches are not thought of in terms of execution, materials or techniques of the profession of clothe-making.

I say this because many people expect from me a career in Fashion which is something completely opposite to my own vision and goals. This activity, I believe, is more of an exercise in the fine arts pursuit.

In other news, I have lately developed the good habit of carrying around a little sketchbook with me which helps to keep a record of these ideas, good and bad. From this little notebook, I sometimes like to pick the good prospects and work on them a little further, so today I’m posting two of them, done somewhere around october 2011.

Since many times the original conception is more pure and assertive in our intentions than the studies done after that, I would like to post the stark originals from now on.

Le 3ème Portrait Imaginaire

Little Fashion Paintings

This is my third number of Imaginary Portraits.

Actually there’s something that caught my  attention yesterday when I made it to Museo de la Identidad Nacional. The museum is having this temporary exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s 29 litographies he did back in 1969, 4 years before his death. The whole of this group of litographies (there are 250 copies out of the original gouache paintings) depicts the noble people and aristocrats which are commonly seen in the Rembrandt’s pictures and El Greco’s as well. The Imaginary Portraits are in fact Picasso’s reinterpretations of the people portrayed by these two artists who admittedly were the greatest of influences to the modern genius, Picasso.

What I wanted to point out though, was that I delighted in Picasso naming his collection of imaginary portraits, Imaginary Portraits or Portraits Imaginaires, as he often “frenchised” his titles. How COOL is that? Hahaha!

Back to blogging, this is my third Portrait Imaginaire (ok…) because it is once again, nobody, and has no direct reference. She’s a young girl, gaze fixed somewhere over the distance, cool blazer with Balmain-like shoulder-padded jacket. I really like how the colors turned out, I might even frame this one to hang on my room’s wall.

She’s an inspiration to me because looks like a decent little fashion painting, n’est-ce pas?  😀

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