Road To The Beach


Road To The Beach 9×12″

Mixed media (watercolor, gouache, color pencil, pen, gold ink)

Inspiration: short-distance trips, on the road, salty water, at the beach, the smell of the sea, vacations, sceneries, greenery, nature, never-ending trip, fruits, make a stop, detour

ES Carretera a la playa

Técnica Mixta (acuarelas, gouache, lápiz de color, chinografos, tinta de oro)

ES Inspiración, viajes cortos, carretera, aromas del agua salada, mar, vacaciones, frutas, paisajes hondureños, carretera interminable, hagamos una parada, nos desviamos por la barca, gente en la playa, verdor, naturaleza

On Design


Far from ever being a fashion designer or using this blog as a means to become one, I have loved and relished the fashion art for a while and cannot help it myself but to “design” or as it is much more correctly spoken of, illustrate clothes that come into my mind directly or indirectly. In this sense, fashion illustration it is a way of quenching my lust for the expression of mòde, but conversely, I am not allowed to attribute it as fashion material properly said, since these sketches are not thought of in terms of execution, materials or techniques of the profession of clothe-making.

I say this because many people expect from me a career in Fashion which is something completely opposite to my own vision and goals. This activity, I believe, is more of an exercise in the fine arts pursuit.

In other news, I have lately developed the good habit of carrying around a little sketchbook with me which helps to keep a record of these ideas, good and bad. From this little notebook, I sometimes like to pick the good prospects and work on them a little further, so today I’m posting two of them, done somewhere around october 2011.

Since many times the original conception is more pure and assertive in our intentions than the studies done after that, I would like to post the stark originals from now on.

On Flamenco


And, yes, “Flamenco”  since it has been one of my favorite music genres, even though many people see that as kind of funny (given all this contemporary music), but I can tell you I truly relish in classic guitars and cantaores.  In such a way, that today’s post comes to me as a manifestation of this music,  reminding me of a Spanish, modern flamenco style, not so much in flamenco fashion as such, but of what comes to mind regarding their culture and “ways of,” if you know what I mean, but I highly doubt it since I can barely defend my art from a critical point of view because I’m weak, and don’t posess an MFA in some hard core Arts analysis…

Ok… so, you know, this print skirt came to me the moment I saw a lady fanning herself with this gorgeous Spanish fan and I knew then it just had to go in on paper!

The drawing is actually inspired by an Arturo Elena‘s illustration, which I loved at first sight, and must admit to how much he generally inspires me. Hey, I’m still learning! and he’s great like many others who also inspire me, so I don’t hestitate in imitating them before I finally master the art. 🙂

Tell me, do you like it? !


That Little Black Dress


I am right now drinking a hot cup of coffee, reminding myself of several things to do before 8am tomorrow and how very tiresome tasks they are. But there’s always fun in here, and in order to dwell into very exquisite thoughts and fashion just before I hit the maths and preliminary sketches for architectural design, I am taking a minute or so of this lovely afternoon to post my version of the famous little black dress so that I can offer society just another example of how Madame Chanel twisted our lives. It’s simple and it’s layered, and the first layer is a see-through fabric so you can have a  glimpse of the girl’s legs. So that’s hot. And it’s black. I’m still considering if it’s that “little.”

Hope you like it.

Missing Illustration


Thanks to the wonderful services of my lovely friend Claudia who lent me her scanner and had her hit the scan button a zillion times, I could upload my illustrations. Only yesterday, however, did I notice that one of them hadn’t scanned out. Because I’m still scannerless, I post a picture from the missing one, and edited it a bit in photoshop, I just didn’t want to wait any longer. 🙂