MIU MIU Pinkish

Fashion Illustrations
Miu Miu Fall 2020 inspired illustration

Miu Miu Pinkish


Inspiration: Miu Miu Fall Winter 2020 Collection, loose sack dresses, Art Deco motif, clutch design, beaded dress, broad vrs specific, simple vrs complex.

Mixed Media technique (Gouache, watercolor, chalk paint, color pencil, color pen, acrylic)

ES Mixed Inspiración: colecciones de moda Miu Miu Otoño Invierno 2020, vestidos cortos y flojos, vestidos túnicas, diseño de carteritas, tela con encrustraciones, motivos Art Decó, tema simple versus complejo, amplio vrs específico.

Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2011

Fashion Illustrations

The other day, I found a piece of folder cardboard. I thought how nicely a white painting  would look on it, and having just been baffled yet again by V. Wang’s precious designs a couple of weeks previous,  I embarked on this long-sought journey of illustrating her gowns. I genuinely adore the results, I love the invitation card kinda vibe to it. How do you like it?