Dreamer, thinker, foodie, art lover.

7 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. hey deberias publicar tu ensayo about inspiration…i loved it….”If inspiration was something that we all felt in the same way, there wouldn’t be any inspiration at all! Inspiration is personal, unique,changing for every one!!!!” –Johana Kafie…….good one jk

  2. hi.. well..
    your designs are beutiful.. u have a lot of talent.. i like your blog..
    im starting my own blog.. ” Jose´s Style Eat Fashion”
    bueno mi blog no esta en ingles.. hablo sobre como bestir.. y siempre trato de agregar un perfil de inspiracion y bueno me pareces perfecta para comentar.. un amigo me mostro tu Blog y bueno eh aqui.. comentando.. exitos.. !!

  3. I shall say, that you are very talented. Keep up the good work! Hey btw, r u a fashion designer or r u just passionate for the art itself?

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