On Flamenco


And, yes, “Flamenco”  since it has been one of my favorite music genres, even though many people see that as kind of funny (given all this contemporary music), but I can tell you I truly relish in classic guitars and cantaores.  In such a way, that today’s post comes to me as a manifestation of this music,  reminding me of a Spanish, modern flamenco style, not so much in flamenco fashion as such, but of what comes to mind regarding their culture and “ways of,” if you know what I mean, but I highly doubt it since I can barely defend my art from a critical point of view because I’m weak, and don’t posess an MFA in some hard core Arts analysis…

Ok… so, you know, this print skirt came to me the moment I saw a lady fanning herself with this gorgeous Spanish fan and I knew then it just had to go in on paper!

The drawing is actually inspired by an Arturo Elena‘s illustration, which I loved at first sight, and must admit to how much he generally inspires me. Hey, I’m still learning! and he’s great like many others who also inspire me, so I don’t hestitate in imitating them before I finally master the art. 🙂

Tell me, do you like it? !


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