On Flamenco


And, yes, “Flamenco”  since it has been one of my favorite music genres, even though many people see that as kind of funny (given all this contemporary music), but I can tell you I truly relish in classic guitars and cantaores.  In such a way, that today’s post comes to me as a manifestation of this music,  reminding me of a Spanish, modern flamenco style, not so much in flamenco fashion as such, but of what comes to mind regarding their culture and “ways of,” if you know what I mean, but I highly doubt it since I can barely defend my art from a critical point of view because I’m weak, and don’t posess an MFA in some hard core Arts analysis…

Ok… so, you know, this print skirt came to me the moment I saw a lady fanning herself with this gorgeous Spanish fan and I knew then it just had to go in on paper!

The drawing is actually inspired by an Arturo Elena‘s illustration, which I loved at first sight, and must admit to how much he generally inspires me. Hey, I’m still learning! and he’s great like many others who also inspire me, so I don’t hestitate in imitating them before I finally master the art. 🙂

Tell me, do you like it? !


Imaginary Portrait II

Fashion Illustrations, Little Fashion Paintings

This is a portrait I had done a while ago, very shortly after the “First Imaginary Portrait” post.  I like and feel comfortable with three-quarter profiles. You do notice my girls look sad, right?! That has to do with how heavy the eyelid is drawn, but that’s ok, I’m still getting into face business. And I for the most part believe that sad eyes= fashion. Oh and I did forget to sign it!


Black & Red

Fashion Illustrations, Little Fashion Paintings

I did say some time in the past that I disliked hated black and red together. Maybe it had to do with several other circumstances which I shall not detail. But I had to come out of that irrationality eventually and last year I had this great idea of doing an illustration using solely black, red and white colors.  I do think it turned out rather interesting, kind of decorative. Hope you like it.

Oh sure, this happened while my Balmain fever was taking its toll!

Green is…

Fashion Illustrations, Little Fashion Paintings

As far as I am from trying to apologize why I wouldnt’t post for so long, I must admit it’s been quite a few months of pure distraction from the art stuff. I mean, not really, as a romantic, I’m always daydreaming about fashion and fabrics and painting…. really, with all these past shows there were some very intense times when I just wanted to grab a brush and smear down some red and blue pigments or draw lacey patterns and cute flowery motifs………….But, you know, things are oh so complicated and it’s just very hard to-


So getting back into business (who knows for how long) I’m hoping the best from the reader (if there’s still any out there) so he will appreciate my new illustration. It’s just a green chiffon or something sheer, I don’t knowww ok? So it’s romantic, and very summery. It’s been there for some time, lost among a tangle of papers begging to be painted on. This one should come in somewhere with the older faceless illustrations.