In Color Era Pt. II

Fashion Illustrations, Little Fashion Paintings

The illustrations posted today are my favorites, as I think I have evolved my art and that’s super to me. I like and try to post them in order, oldest to newest, and have to mention that I cannot pull off anything anymore without a little of oil paints in it. I just love the results with oil, but still use watercolor for bases and I do it over watercolor paper so it’s a mess in here. The climate here is or was very chill and that inspired me quite a bit more, but then I also love sunny days. I’ve not much to say today, and my sister said the earlier long post was kinda boring so that definitely minimized my singing voice. 😦 I just hope I can bring more to say next time, even though this one should be a long post, it represents a lot to me, but I do hope it can speak out for itself in the end. Opinions, suggestions and commentaries, all very welcome!

I have also bugged several of my architect friends into subscribing to my blog, so that’s one thing to boast ’cause I think I’ve a few subscriptions right now 😀 (yay– you should also subscribe!!), plus my sister who publicly denies her fanness to this site, um… and yeah! Saturday night I almost fell off the stool in a bar I was hanging out, when I checked my WordPress app and to my dismay and utter shock saw 70 views for my “In Color Era Pt I” post! (secretly giggles for her little victory).

I will soon be posting a little  photo (it’s Blackberry, no hopes for that) of my aforementioned architect friends who help overcome the stress and tension of this hectic world.

Johana Kafie.

P.S. I don’t like posting way too large photos , but you can always click on it and the picture is a bit larger. I reduced these to 80%……… not that anyone actually cares about that hahaha.

This last one is a bit more elaborate! I keep getting positive reactions to this one but I’m not sure I can handle backgrounds yet……… what do you think?

10 thoughts on “In Color Era Pt. II

  1. me encanta the flowy quality de tus dibujos – tiene mucho movimiento… la verdad que varios de esos vestidos serian un exito en la vida real.
    1 fav the winter wear
    2 yellow and black cocktail dress
    3 the splashes of red

    last one is very nice, i think the background is good , but i keep looking at certain various shadows all over the place and cant help but wonder – are they intentional?

    ps: hey, i re-ally would love to get feedback form that email! ¬¬

  2. como amo tus dibujos jk…. y la modelo de cartera roja, zapatos rojos y bufanda me recuerda tanto a mi hermana jajajjaa….. ahora tenes q hacerlos…recorda q el pink one lo voy a usar para ir a proceres 😉 lol… congrats

  3. I was seeing all your posts and I have to say that color brings more life to you drawings, they are so much better!!!! they are very glamorous and I will definitely buy some of your designs if you start you own line!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! and the most important of all, they really show your personality!!! I can see Johana Kafie in it 😉 very artistic!!!. The pictures are in the right size, if they were bigger, it would be to much. And I think too that this should be a longer post 😛 my congratulations to you!!! I really like your work!! keep on going!!! 🙂

  4. Me encanta el vestido que es como rosadito con unos beads rojos. Y me fascina el dibujo donde salen dos chavas con coats looking todas misterious!


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