In Color Era Pt.I

Fashion Illustrations, Little Fashion Paintings

I’m Back… and on the verge of entering my endless bits of Terrorland, and on the rim of submerging into Torture Sea of Architecture, I am here posting the freshest of my little paintings, which have been stored for a while now. The ones I will be posting today are the oldest of the freshest, done probably around easter time, and somewhere there between the hotness of the air and the bossa covers of the Rolling Stones.

During that time, or before (I should start dating everything) I had bought one of those sketch notebooks you find everywhere and decided I was going to start producing a sort of journal of formal drawings and creations of whichever sort that would serve like a watch-me-learn album. Well, that didn’t happen. Not a bit. But don’t get me wrong! Yes, the book is halfway done with doodles of the most horrible species! But let’s not get into that. It’s very personal…. almost deadly.
Anyway, what I don’t know is, if my savage liberation took place in my Académie notebook or in the wildness of college life. In any case, my paintings follow this nasty era, and came out, I dare say in aesthetically pleasing little fashion illustrations, but please do judge this hypothesis, of course! These  first ones came out after making a quick sketch, focusing on producing more lean figures and refining the thicker legs I was previously doing, and then painting with watercolors and detailing it later with pencil colors and Steadtler fineliners for the outline in order to produce a bit of contrast and render it rather as illustration than anything else. The first one is inspired in nothing really, or probably in trees. Yeah, that could be. Studying architecture ultimately leads to produce some quality trees and shrubs I actually relish in painting now 🙂 And thinking about it, this is probably an epilogue to one of my terms, when I had just finished making several plans using watercolors and then I just made the sketch and had it look like a shrub! Yeah it’s that simple…

The second (i.e. the purple one) is the newly-appelled Purple Tree and is basically a sequel to the same forest of lionesque models. And speaking of models I’m really in a state of “model fever” and happen to be recruiting the best of the pictures from magazine editorials and advertisements that come to my possession which result much too inspiring to let them pass. I wish I could post later on some of my favorite inspirational photos;  only thing is, the tiny fact that those pictures are obviously not mine daunts the hell out of me, and law infringements are a thing I don’t fully handle yet. As for myself I don’t carry a camera with me wherever I go and even if I did chances are slight that I’d find anything interesting, our environment doesn’t quite favor these goûtes. I’m really into photography right now, and street style is something I’m definitely looking at. Never thought street photos could be so inspiring.

I also tried remaking three of Laura Laine’s illustrations, it was first just to educate myself a bit more, like an exercise. 

I’ve always learned by copying stuff and I just love her style. But then I liked just how one came out, the other two are not worth showing and are rather unfinished so I scratched those from the list. This is one (right) she did for Rad Hourani and you can see the original in her official website. I just added some color so that it didn’t look way too similar. 😛

In any case, I moved on to some other styles and fashion and you’ll notice I’m sadly not entering into any artistic technique, movement or anything of the sort, I think I’m still finding my own. Ha!

You must also consider that if I don’t officially say so 🙂 I do not use any direct photo or person I draw from, I just inspire myself out and about and then draw something in my mind’s eye. I didn’t know much anything about pose some while ago, and it still doesn’t come out as fast as I could wish but it’s one of many things to learn well.

Only the first two  and the last were pure watercolor. All the other ones used oil paint too. I’m missing one I should be posting tomorrow or the day after.

The latest I’ve been doing (not here) have more directness with photo use, and I will prefer it for a while, as I think that being an amateur, and having lots to learn, should be styling out from photos rather than my own, and more when I think that sometimes I’m stuck and not growing as an artist, is when I realize the source of inspiration is not being properly administered 😀 and I believe that holds true for anybody!

Um, just to finish off, I just hope you actually read the above post. 😀

11 thoughts on “In Color Era Pt.I

  1. Heyy JK!! Love your sketches! Espero que ya estes haciendo tu portafolio, trata de ponerle el Johana Kafie a todas por si las dudas. Heyy se ve super el blog, haha me encantan tus fases.

    Definitivamente debo decir que ahora tus modelos estan mucho mas porporcionadas, las primeras tenian unos brazos y piernas sospechosos.


    1. thanks andy! definitivamente habian unas modelos bien gordas antes! jajajja y creo que los de abajo ya no les pondre el sello que pereza jajajaj igual si me lo roban no importa jajajaja

  2. felicidades jk!!!!!
    im so proud of u!! al fin tenes el valor de mostrar al mundo tus talentos…tanto de pintora como de escritora…segui adelante y claro q tenes q firmar tus dibujos…. recorda q te vamos ayudar xon el evento…

    1. Gracias por reconocer los 2 talentos, nadie me habla del segundo (apenas me hablan del primero). Claudi, no entiendo lo de firmar mis dibujos y lo del evento? Thank you again por el scanner, obvio que si debo agradecer! 😀

  3. hey deberias publicar tu ensayo about inspiration…i loved it….”If inspiration was something that we all felt in the same way, there wouldn’t be any inspiration at all! Inspiration is personal, unique,changing for every one!!!!” –Johana Kafie…….good one jk

  4. WOW Johana! Que increíble está todo esto! Sos lo mejor JK! Me fascina como describís cada uno de tus posts, y los drawings, están bellos! Antes, cuando estábamos en la escuela, no podía imaginarme que pudieras dibujar o pintar mejor, pero realmente you’ve outdone yourself! Te voy a hacer promoción! 😉

    1. Gracias Alixi! That meant a lot to me! 😛 Especialmente de vos de quien siempre he respetado y aceptado mucho las opiniones. Espero que te suscribas para que cada vez que escriba te llegue un email awww! 😀

  5. JK! No me había fijado que en este post, la chava que anda de camisa de rojo fijo la hiciste como inspiración de los sketches de aquella Laura que estábamos hablando el otro día! Verdaaaaaaaaaad???

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