More Old Sketches, only colored this time :D

Old Fashion Sketches

These are still old but sometime after the ones in the previous post. I still need to get better.

I’m actually looking for a scanner to properly digitalize the rest of the drawings because I hate the flash going on over some parts of the drawing and the other part being dark. And if I try to readjust brightness / contrast then some thing or other comes wrong so I don’t want that! Check out these in the meantime and please tell me what do you think? ūüėÄ I know there are some very strange extremities but those will be fixed if I I ever get to practice everyday.

Old sketches :)

Old Fashion Sketches

Long before I even realized I had some utter fascination for fashion illustration I kept drawing mermaids and princesses and fantasy ladies all covered up in fancy dresses and jeweled bras and exotic hair-does rather from not knowing how to¬†draw hair than from anything else. I continually kept sketching my school notebooks and stuff with cartoons and fairies which kept me busy in free hours. It was not until very recently that I discovered what I was doing was called¬†fashion illustration…WOOWW Yeah it caught me by surprise. Then I started frequenting nasty places like¬†David Downton and¬†Laura Laine and other miscellaneous targets that really gave me a bad headache. *slap

And that’s the whole story. But in the meantime check out these ones I bring up today.

And while these are old for about two years (?) I am somehow trying to upload the newest which do not differ that much from these oldies except for the addition of color :O Yess and it does add a lot to the final look ¬†and definitely people do have a better reaction towards a colored sketch than the pencil ones I am posting today. However these first impressions, you will notice my first intentions to produce more realistic renderings of clothes. Not anymore. I fully embrace the idea that I’ve evolved from worrying over delivering realistic, appropriately shaded forms and fabrics to just painting the more important regions of the outfit, even though i still maintain a good outline of the body for I have always loved drawing poses and have strived (not much) in getting better and better at drawing the female form. It is therefore a rather painful experience to completely obliterate the drawing process to just stay with sheer pigment; I am not experienced and my drawing skills are founded merely on the efforts of my youthful free times (class periods) so ¬†for me, drawing¬†is exhilarating whenever I remember that the whole process I learned by myself (I obviouly still learn at every sketch I do). So that red dress from my previous post is by far the most edgy of them all in the sense of these artistic movements, if any movement I am allowed to be in.

Anyhow, I am glad to present these few which might be included in two posts since my images will need to be resized? I have to search some tips on handling images in here. I don’t want to clog my library in two posts!



I was trying out my new blog with this site which looks pretty professional. ¬†So much, ¬†I’d say, that ¬†I was and still am lost with the typekit thing that’s supposed to add cool fonts to your website. So it’s supposed to be updated by the time I hit “post” to this rather boring welcome but I don’t know yet, still, I’ll be trying till I get a decent appearance ūüôā